What Twitch channels are at risk of getting DMCA strikes?

Make sure to review your VODs.

Image via Twitch

Around 1,000 channels on Twitch this week received DMCA notifications, according to the platform—and many more could be on the way.

While technically any channel can receive a DMCA strike, there are some that are more at risk than others.

The Twitch channels that are at the highest risk of getting a DMCA strike are those that play any copyrighted music that they don’t have the rights to. This includes playing music in the background of your stream from sources like Spotify while you’re streaming.

If you’re concerned about potentially getting a DMCA notice, the best thing that you can do to prevent getting one is not playing music that you don’t have the rights to. 

If you’re unsure whether you might have the rights to play certain music, or whether it’s DMCA safe, you should avoid playing that music to ensure that you don’t get a strike. 

Twitch has more information laid out about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in a set of guidelines that were updated at the beginning of May.

One of the ways that Twitch suggests creators save themselves from potential DMCA notices is by unpublishing VODs that they think might have copyrighted material. 

By rewatching VODs to make sure they are DMCA-safe, you can ensure that you don’t have anything published that could give you a strike.