What time does Minecraft MC Championship 9 start?

It's every Minecraft fans' favorite day of the month.

Image via Noxcrew

MC Championship has become the event to look forward to within the Minecraft community since Minecraft Monday took a step back from the scene at the end of 2019. The event features the biggest names in Minecraft and has them compete against each other in teams of four.

Noxcrew, the creator of the event, streams its full coverage on Twitch, but fans can also tune into their favorite personalities’ streams. The viewership of the event exceeds 8,000 when all streams are combined, making it the crown jewel of each Minecraft month.

MC Championship recently broadcasted its eighth event on Aug. 15, with Pink Parrots taking the championship trophy home. The team was already one of the favorites leading up to the event, featuring long-time rivals Dream and Technoblade. 

When does the Minecraft MC Championship 9 take place?

After an epic ending to the eighth iteration of the tournament, fans are already hyped for MC Championship 9. The next event is scheduled to take place on Sept. 12 at 2pm CT, according to Noxcrew’s announcement.

Despite having no definite schedule, Noxcrew tries its best to hold one event every month. The timing of the events heavily depends on the availability of the attendees and can vary from month to month. There used to be some bye months in the past, making fans wonder whether they’d be able to get their monthly dose of Minecraft after each great event.

We’ll update this article when more information becomes available or if there happens to be a change in plans. Noxcrew also shares any recent developments regarding the events on its official website and Twitter page.