‘What the f**k?’: Stormfall33 shocked after Twitch lets her change emote prefix to lewd word

This Twitch streamers new emote names will certainly turn heads.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/Stormfall33

Emotes are among Twitch’s most recognizable features, as the livestreaming website offers a host of global emotes, extension support, and allows affiliated and partnered streamers to set their own emotes. To ensure that no two streamers have a conflicting emote input, Twitch requires all content creators with emotes to insert a prefix or short text which goes before the actual emote.

IRL and Just Chatting streamer Stormfall33 was looking to change up her emote prefix on an Aug. 4 stream, looking to avoid a long-winded prefix which might be difficult or time consuming for chatters to type out. Ever practical, Stormfall33’s community offered an alternative clearly made with brevity in mind, ‘cum.’

The Twitch streamer refused to believe that Twitch’s creator dashboard would not automatically reject the prefix, or even potentially ban her, though she decided to humor her chat anyways. Typing in the lewd prefix, Stormfall33 sat in silence after Twitch somehow approved the change and her chat erupted in Omegaluls.

“I didn’t think it would actually let me!” Stormfall33 shouted, “I thought it would be like, ‘this isn’t allowed!’ What the fuck!”

The Twitch streamer must now wait 60 days before she is allowed to alter her emote prefix again. Given that Twitch’s terms of service is not supposed to allow the use of most sexually suggestive content, it is possible the Amazon-backed platform will give her a prefix a pre-mature ejection.

While viewers can only wait to see if ‘cum’ will remain on Stormfall33’s channel, chatters can use emotes such as cumDark, cumL, cumHate, and more.