What is Twitch Turbo?

It's the only surefire way to avoid ads everywhere on Twitch

Image via Twitch

Being inundated with pre-roll ads on Twitch can be frustrating for viewers who find themselves channel surfing on the platform.

There are only a few ways to prevent yourself from getting ads on Twitch and streamers themselves will be the first to tell you that by subscribing to their channel, you can get an ad-free experience.

While you can also use ad blockers to try to avoid commercials, Twitch regularly updates its system to try to impede upon the experience of viewers who are tracked as using ad blockers.

In the past, viewers could connect their Amazon Prime account to Twitch and avoid all ads. But now, perhaps the best way for people to guarantee that they don’t see ads is by getting a premium service called Twitch Turbo.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv

For $8.99 a month, regular channel flippers can watch Twitch uninterrupted and get a couple of other perks as well. 

The feature was added originally in 2013, so it’s often forgotten about by viewers and streamers.

In fact, most of the features it provides are things that people can get from having Twitch Prime, which is free if you have an active Amazon Prime account. Those things include a custom chat username color as well as extended broadcast storage.

But changes made to Twitch Prime in recent years have made it so that while members still get a channel subscription, they no longer get ad-free viewing everywhere on the platform.

This means Turbo is the primary way you can avoid ads on Twitch without having to use an ad blocker.