Weird glitch kills shroud in Escape from Tarkov while playing with Summit1g

That grenade definitely went through the window.

Image via shroud

Shroud is one of the best first-person shooter players in the world, boasting some ridiculous stats in Escape from Tarkov. So it only makes sense that when he died playing with Summit1g yesterday, it was due to a glitch in the game.

While attempting to assault another player bunkered down in an abandoned building, shroud threw a grenade through a window—or at least that’s what he thought he did. After waiting for the grenade to explode, instead of clearing out a room, all shroud actually did was kill himself in-game.

On his screen, the grenade that shroud threw visually went through the doorway he was aiming for. But due to some sort of glitch, the grenade instead exploded on him. 

“I saw it go in the doorway, and I was like, ‘alright, alright. We’re good, we’re good,’” shroud said. “And then I just died.”

Summit1g was immediately freaked out after seeing that his teammate died so instantaneously, but once shroud explained to him what happened, he knew that it was a glitch. He said that he recently heard about the glitch, too.

“I just literally watched you fall down and die,” Summit said.

“That’s great. That’s good stuff,” shroud replied dejectedly. “I have never had that happen before. Wow. Cool. Do whatever you’d like with my gear, use it, drop it.”

Both shroud and Summit have spent the majority of their time in 2020 streaming Tarkov. Shroud has played the game on Mixer for 161 hours with one million hours watched. Summit has streamed the game for 188 hours since the beginning of the year with 4.74 million hours watched, according to Stream Hatchet data.