Wasp breaks into Moistcr1tikal’s stream during Elden Ring boss fight

He found a way to increase Elden Ring’s difficulty.

Screengrab via penguinz0 on YouTube

FromSoftware titles are known for their extreme difficulty, and Elden Ring has shown it follows suit. Many streamers have struggled to make it through all of the game’s bosses and reach the finish line. However, for Moistcr1tikal, who’s played through every Dark Souls game, the task was far less grueling. Until he reached Commander Niall, that is. The boss itself wasn’t too terrible for the streamer, but an invading wasp made the fight more tense than it should have been.

In a stream on March 4, Moistcr1tikal was continuing his playthrough of Elden Ring when he encountered a new boss, Commander Niall. Moistcr1tikal had the boss figured out after just four deaths, getting him below 500 health points. Just before the streamer could finish him off, however, a new foe appeared—this time outside the screen.

Moistcr1tikal began to scream before calling out a wasp in his room. Splitting glances between Commander Niall and the wasp, the streamer landed the final hits on the boss and darted out of the room as soon as he hit the final blow. He returned less than a minute later to find something to dispatch the insect with. Unfortunately for him, however, the wasp disappeared, as if it were a part of the boss fight itself.

Moistcr1tikal, also known as penguinz0 on YouTube, built his entertainment career through uploads that range from gameplay commentaries to react videos. The 27-year-old has been on the YouTube grind for over 14 years. In late 2018, the creator began to dip his toes into streaming on Twitch, where he now streams daily to an average of over 13,000 viewers, according to TwitchTracker.