Ukraine bombing caught on Twitch livestream

A streamer catches the early bomb strikes in Odessa, Ukraine live on Twitch.

Image via Twitch

In Ukraine’s early morning hours, Russia began a move into the country in what has been described as a full-scale invasion. There have been reports of Russian attack helicopters and explosions in cities as Russia hits major zones inside the sovereign country. And a streamer captured the sounds from the early stages of a bombing live on their Twitch channel.

The clip was captured around 11am EET (3am CT) as streamer Katymentooll walked her dog in an urban area in Odessa, Ukraine. While talking to her viewers, a loud explosion could be heard some distance away, prompting a worried look on the streamer’s face. After hearing the noise, she quickly ran into the nearest building, where she looked outside and waited to see if there was any danger in the immediate area.

Shortly after the incident in the clip, Katymentooll and her dog safely made it back to their home. The streamer and her pup have been live on Twitch for some time, discussing what’s happening in Ukraine. She’s handling the ongoing crisis the best she can, answering questions from viewers.

Katymentooll plans to stay at home with her mother and dog while the conflict plays out. She’s in relatively high spirits and might even show viewers her sweet corgi if asked nicely.

The conflict in Ukraine comes after years of failed peace talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In that time, the U.S. has worked to defend and bolster Ukraine’s defenses against any possible invasion. Now, it seems like the day where Russia will test those defenses is already here. 

Whether you’re a streamer in the center of the conflict or across the world, plenty of people seem to be holding their breath as they wait to see what comes next.