Tyler1 says he’s “convinced xQc is a psychopath” for using text to speech

Seven, seven, seven.

Photo via Riot Games

Twitch streamer Tyler1 thinks fellow streamer xQc could be psychotic for dealing with constant text to speech messages.

Last night after Tyler1 played League of Legends for over nine hours, he received a donation that asked whether he would use text to speech to hear his donations like xQc rather than reading them out. Tyler declined, suggesting that xQc is a psychopath for using the feature. 

“Dude I’m convinced xQc is a psychopath,” Tyler1 said. “I’m convinced. Imagine every time you talk there’s just a sound right in the back, every time you talk, and it’s just constantly going, constantly, constantly.” 

Tyler1 said that he couldn’t deal with the constant spam that xQc’s donators send him in the form of text to speech messages. On his stream, xQc will either hear the numbers seven or two constantly spammed at the end of each text to speech donation. Considering xQc hears these donations nearly every second, it’d be enough to drive anyone insane. 

“Seven, seven, seven,” Tyler1 said. “Like that’s all you hear. Seven, seven, seven, seven, seven. He’s a psychopath.” 

The streamer questioned whether xQc has text to speech enabled for his headset considering the number of donations he receives throughout each stream. Perhaps this could be the only way for xQc to stay sane. 

But xQc has been known to skip donations frequently, especially if it’s spam. He doesn’t hear many when he’s reacting to videos for his YouTube channel, either.