Tyler1 begs Riot to revert chat redesign in League of Legends

He noticed the change immediately.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s the pre-season in League of Legends, meaning players are getting their first experiences on the Rift with some of the big changes made between seasons. While there is a completely redesigned item system in the game, one change went too far, according to popular Twitch streamer Tyler1

During a recent stream, Tyler loaded into his game and began as normal replying to a teammate using the in-game chat. The streamer immediately noticed the newly redesigned chat box that removed the rectangular block borders from the chat in place of a single transparent block.

Tyler was unimpressed by this change and opened his options menu in search of a way to revert the chat box’s appearance. Unfortunately, he was out of luck.

Once he realized it was out of his control, he began pleading with Riot to remove their changes.

“Riot please, you’re actually fucking killing the game for me, I forgot there was a patch,” Tyler said. “Please, bro, turn the chat back.”

The change to the UI of the in-game chat came in the latest 10.24 patch. Riot shared the new look is to suit the redesigned shop interface that was implemented at the beginning of the preseason. So it doesn’t seem likely Riot will acquiesce to Tyler’s request.