Twitter reveals most talked about topics in gaming from 2019

You might be surprised by what games people talked about.

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Twitter unveiled the most discussed topics in gaming from 2019 today in the form of top 10 lists for categories ranging from esports teams and events to personalities and games.

As one might expect, Fortnite was a heavily tweeted about topic, but it only came in as the second most talked about game behind Fate/Grand Order, according to Twitter’s research.

Even though about half of the top 10 gaming personalities were Fortnite streamers and the third most talked about esports event in 2019 was the Fortnite World Cup, the influence that Japan had as the country that tweeted the most about gaming put Fate/Grand Order over the top. 

The free-to-play mobile RPG came out in 2015 in Japan before being released in North America two years later.

Predictably, the countries that talked about gaming the most were the U.S., Japan, and South Korea. But three European countries—France, Great Britain, and Spain—also made it on Twitter’s list. 

Even though League of Legends wasn’t one of the most talked about games, Worlds was the most talked about esports event and many of the most talked about esports teams were organizations that have a League team. 

Following a highly publicized legal dispute with Twitch’s most-watched streamer from 2019, Tfue, FaZe Clan was the most talked about team. It wasn’t all bad publicity for FaZe, though. The team’s expansive Fortnite roster of 10 competitive players and CS:GO team surely played a role in the team’s status at the top of the rankings.