Twitch streamers congratulate Mizkif after he finally beats Minecraft

He finally did it.

Screengrab via Mizkif

The Ender Dragon was finally slain by streamer Mizkif earlier today and the rest of Twitch celebrated alongside him. 

Mizkif beat Minecraft by killing the Ender Dragon in hardcore mode. This is a huge milestone for the streamer since he failed to slay the final boss hundreds of times over the course of a month. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mizkif playthrough if he didn’t almost die at the final hurdle, though. After slaying the Ender Dragon, he was attacked by several Endermen that wanted him dead before he reached the end credits. But he survived and successfully completed Minecraft

After completing this milestone, Mizkif was congratulated by the Twitch community. Ninja’s wife and manager, Jessica Blevins, gifted hundreds of subs to Mizkif’s viewers. Mizkif responded in typical fanboy fashion by showing his personal copy of Ninja’s book, which he keeps on the top shelf in his room. 

On Summit’s stream, one Twitch viewer asked him if Shroud saw Mizkif beating Minecraft. “It was great, it was epic, he finally did it, it took him so long,” Shroud said. “It was so fun to watch.” 

Since Mizkif enjoyed his Minecraft playthrough, he said he’ll continue to play the game during the summer. “Next we kill the Wither, and then we do something else, and then we play the Pokémon version of Minecraft,” he said