Twitch streamer Wolfabelle kills Tree Sentinel as a level one Wretch in Elden Ring

Wolfabelle does the impossible.

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Image via FromSoftware

Popular Twitch streamer Wolfabelle left countless Elden Ring players in awe as she managed to fell the infamous Tree Sentinel as only a level one Wretch.

Though she’s mostly known for her Among Us and GTAV role-play content, Wolfabelle has avidly been playing FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, since its release. Upon starting her journey in the game, the British streamer made the brave choice of selecting Wretch as her class.

Out of all eight playable character types in Elden Ring, Wretch is undoubtedly the weakest. Only a level one at the start of the game and with the lowest stats by far, the Wretch has no proficiencies or any discernable advantage. The character type is primarily used by experienced FromSoftware aficionados looking to flex their skill and game knowledge, which is exactly what Wolfabelle did.

The Tree Sentinel is an optional boss that nearly all Elden Ring players encounter within the first hours of playing. Considering it shows up before many even have their mounts, most players are extremely unequipped to face off against the Tree Sentinel even when not playing as a Wretch.

Wolfabelle took the challenge upon herself to kill the Tree Sentinel as her first boss of the game. The affair spanned two streams, as she spent almost five hours fighting this single, optional boss with the weakest character in the game. Her eventual moment of triumph, however, was unmatched: with only a sliver of health left herself, Wolfabelle deftly slew the Tree Sentinel.

Clearly ecstatic, the streamer finally saw hours worth of trials and tribulations pay off. Rendered speechless, Wolfabelle’s chat flooded with support for their streamer, as now she could finally play the rest of the game.