Twitch streamer helps goat tied to a tree

The goat appreciated its freedom.

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamer Robcdee recently encountered a goat tied to a tree on his cycle journey through Japan and freed the animal, which enjoyed a few pets and horn rubs. 

Twitch streamers often encounter interesting or exciting situations as they explore their cities or towns. Some are simple interactions with fans, while others encounter odd scenarios that are perfect for entertaining their audience. Saving an animal is always a pleasant experience, especially when it’s a cute goat in Japan. 

Robcdee is currently participating in a cycleathon, where donations go toward distance instead of time, meaning viewers control how long he’ll be riding his bike across Japan. He is on day 25 of the cycleathon and has completed 2,000 kilometers, meeting fans and other interesting people along the way. 

Robcdee unexpectedly found a goat tied to a tree yesterday on his journey, prompting him to stop and investigate the situation. It was unclear why the goat was tied to the tree or if it had an owner nearby. The streamer decided the best course of action was to free the animal and allow it to wander around as it pleased. 

The goat was grateful for being untied and rubbed its head against Rob’s hand, appreciating the pets and freedom. The streamer freed the animal and continued on his journey, which should include fewer animals in distress. But viewers likely wouldn’t complain about cute animals making more appearances.