Twitch streamer finds speed hacker in Fall Guys

He was so fast.

Image via Twitch

The Fall Guys beta has only been live for a few days prior to its release on Aug. 4, but some players have already found a way to hack the game making themselves very, very fast.

Streaming late last night, Twitch content creator BladeLMAO was playing a round of the goofy obstacle racing game and found an opponent who it’s pretty safe to say was probably using some sort of cheating or game-exploiting program to get an advantage.

As the time to start the round ticked down to “GO!,” Blade and the other competitors started their slow awkward waddle toward the first walls of the course, but one player didn’t have any issue getting a jump off the starting line. 

“What the fuck?” he said. “He’s hacking. He’s hacking.”

Whether it was some hacking software or a game exploit, the act was so obviously against how the game is supposed to perform that Blade couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically. 

Fortunately for the game’s developer Mediatonic, the game isn’t going to launch officially for another few days so they have a little bit of time to figure out how the hack was accomplished.

Though the game hasn’t officially launched, it’s already a top game on Twitch. In the past three days, Fall Guys is the 10th most-watched game with 3.5 million hours watched despite only being playable starting Friday afternoon.