Twitch streamer DrWD40 shows off next-level dog cam


Nature and lifestyle Twitch streamer DrWD40 showcased his impressive pet camera, allowing subscribers to dispense treats to his dog at will.

Pet features are common across Twitch and other streaming platforms, as streamer’s dogs, cats, or other assorted animals are often used as emotes, profile pictures, or other forms of channel branding. Naturally, this has led to the rise of the pet cam, a camera scene entirely dedicated to showing the streamer’s chosen pet. While many have adopted the pet cam, few have been quite as innovative as DrWD40’s camera.

DrWD40 is an avid outdoorsman, as his broadcast often revolves around cycling, bird watching, metal detecting, or other activities. Recently, the streamer took up a multi-day charity fundraiser to combat climate change. Gaining a surge of new viewers and subscribers, the IRL streamer took the opportunity to flaunt his rather elaborate dog cam.

Miles away from home, DrWD40 switched to the pet cam for his dog, Watson, who was sound asleep on his couch. Remotely, the Twitch streamer was able to dispense four treats, one for every recent subscription to his channel. Tossing the treats virtually, real dog treats fell onto the floor. Naturally, Watson immediately sprung into action to reap the rewards of his owner’s new subscriptions.

While viewers were delighted at the reveal of DrWD40’s unique and innovative dog camera, Watson seemed to be the most delighted of all. By the stream’s end, Watson had received numerous treats from new subscribers to the stream, likely satisfied with the audience’s generosity.