Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays rules and format

Going in for the knockout.

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Fall Guys’ quick rise in popularity immediately after its release last month made it an easy decision for Twitch to take the highly personality-driven game and turn it into a Twitch Rivals event. 

Dubbed Fall Guys Fridays, Twitch’s streamer-centric esports tournament organizer has been putting together a weekly event for the game that has included participation from just about any popular streamer you could imagine.

In the first week of the event, the North American tournament featured TimTheTatman, DrLupo, former CS:GO pro Shroud, League streamer Tyler1, FIFA content creator Castro, and a plethora of other streamers from a wide array of backgrounds.

The following weeks haven’t had quite as many familiar faces participating, but the event still manages to reel in 80 streamers that play in teams of four, all vying for the final crown and a little bit of prize money.

In the first week, the format and rules to the event differ slightly from how it is run now, but the general concept remains the same. You want to make it as far as you can, and winning a Final Round nets big points.

Because 80 streamers can’t all be put into the same matches, the rules for Fall Guys Fridays follow a “pub stomp” model, even though there might not be that much “stomping” going on by some teams.

With 20 teams competing to start the evening, each group plays six games of Fall Guys and earn points based on their performance. Reaching the Final Round of a show gives a team one point per player that makes it. Winning the Final Round rewards five points. 

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After the teams have all played six games, their top four scoring games are added up, and the four teams with the highest scores advance to a playoffs bracket.

This is where the griefing gets real. 

When two teams face off in the brackets, players are forced to split into groups of two and queue into games with two members of the opposing team. So in effect, there will be two games of Fall Guys being played at the same time with members of both teams competing in each of the games.

This allows members of each team the opportunity to sabotage one another. 

Once one round is played, groups are moved around so that each team is playing with opponents from the opposite team that they didn’t play with in the previous game.

Duos earn points in a match the same way that they did in the qualifier rounds, and the team with the most points after four games in total are played. But each player will only play in two games personally.

After the first round, two teams will be eliminated and the championship match will follow the same ruleset as the first bracket round. If there is a tie, the team with the most Crowns is given the tiebreaker. After that the number of Kudos serves as a second tie breaker.

Just like the event title suggests, Fall Guys Fridays happens every week on Friday night. The region of play for the event alternates from week to week. North American creators play every other week, and on the off-weeks for North America, European creators suit up to knock each other out.