Twitch reverses Sliker’s ban

Sliker returns after a brief suspension.

Screengrab via ReddCinema on YouTube

Popular Twitch streamer Sliker had his most recent ban overturned after only one day off of the platform.

The previous week saw a significant ban wave across the platform in which Sodapoppin, Veibae, and more were hit with suspensions from Twitch. Sliker was among the premier creators faced with a suspension, making it his second ban of the year.

Many fans initially thought that the ban occurred due to an intimate interaction the English streamer had with an AI while on broadcast. In a later Instagram post, however, Sliker clarified that he knew the true reason behind his suspension. On the same April 19 stream, the former Team Liquid content creator had opened a chat with a sexually suggestive text emote.

In his official post regarding the situation, Sliker announced that his ban was originally intended to last for three days and insisted that he opened the message by accident. Sliker became aware of his mistake almost immediately after accidentally copying and pasting the offending image. Shortly after the stream ended, Sliker anticipated his ban due to the unintentional TOS violation and, like clockwork, his channel was temporarily suspended.

The streamer had the advantage of instantly being aware of the reason for his ban and quickly filed an appeal. In this case, Twitch acted fast and Sliker was given back his channel only 24 hours after the incident occurred. Sliker has since returned to his regular streaming schedule, likely more cautious of his chat’s messages.