Twitch reveals plans for Channel Points, affiliate ad revenue change, and new dashboard

New dashboard is coming in October.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has decided to make some major changes to its platform.

The streaming site, a day after rolling out a redesign, has announced it will allow affiliates to earn a share of ad revenue, in addition to introducing Channel points and a new dashboard.

In addition to allowing its affiliates to earn ad revenue, Twitch said it is giving broadcasters more control over pre-roll ads and it will introduce picture-in-picture, which give viewers a chance to see the streamer’s main screen while watching an advertisement.

The Channel Points is a way for streamers to “reward loyal members of their community with special perks,” according to Twitch. The system will hit the site in January.

Next month, broadcasters will get to try out the new dashboard, which appears to be getting a makeover similar to the one the whole site got yesterday. Twitch said it plans to give new streamers some built-in assistance in the dashboard, too.

Other announced features include a freshly-designed channel page, a new moderator-only page, Twitch Studio for inexperienced streamers, and subscriptions in the iOS app.

This is certainly a lot of information to throw at fans right now, but it’s no surprise Twitch is telling its fans about these plans now, considering the annual TwitchCon event kicked off earlier today. We may even get more information and teasers before the weekend is over.