Twitch promotes channel subscriptions with fourth-annual SUBtember event

Save that money.

Image via Twitch

SUBtember is back for a fourth year on Twitch, the platform announced today, giving viewers an opportunity to support their favorite streamers at a discounted rate.

With help from sponsor Capital One, Twitch is offering Twitch viewers a handful of discount options throughout the month of September, including 20-percent off the first month of a recurring one-month sub.

Additionally, viewers can get 25 and 30 percent off of three and six-month recurring subscriptions, respectively. Previously, SUBtember was only available for one-month subscriptions.

Last year, the event offered a 50-percent discount on new tier-one subs and was supported with a sponsorship by quick service sandwich restaurant chain Subway.

If you’re worried that this means your favorite content creator is working on a pay cut, fear not. In a blog post to Twitch’s website, the platform emphasized that all streamers will continue to receive the full value of their subscriptions. Only Twitch’s portion of the subscription cost is being deducted from.

The end-of-summer promotion on Twitch comes following an uptick in viewership on the platform in Q2, as reported by StreamElements, due largely to the COVID-19 pandemic that’s kept people at home amid social distancing regulations.