Twitch investigating issue preventing streamers from going live

Sit tight, gamers.

Image via Twitch

If you’ve been trying to go live on Twitch to no avail this morning, you’re not alone.

Twitch Support tweeted that it’s investigating an issue preventing streamers from going live. The issue is only affecting some broadcasters, considering many are live right now.

Popular streamers such as Dakotaz and TSM Viss tweeted that they were unable to go live this afternoon, however.

Twitch’s last widespread issue was a week ago when viewer counts weren’t displaying correctly. This is obviously a much more problematic issue, considering many broadcasters can’t go live at all.

Odds are that the issue will be fixed rather quickly. Twitch is usually on top of problems like this and they’re mitigated within a couple of hours at the very least.

The tweet said Twitch Support will keep its followers updated. Stay tuned for more information about the current site outage.

Update: July 1, 1:55pm CT: Twitch has solved the issue that was preventing users from going live earlier in the day.