Twitch experiences video playback issues

Twitch has not yet resolved the issue.

Image via Twitch

If you’ve been struggling to playback a video or stream on Twitch today, you’re not alone. 

The platform posted on Twitter this afternoon acknowledging that numerous users have reported issues with video playback features on the platform. The exact number of reports was not disclosed, nor was the exact reason for the issue. 

The Twitch Support account said at 1:25pm CT that the platform was “aware” of the issue. Twitch has not yet said whether or not the issue has been resolved, but based on the platform’s typical response time, the issue will likely be resolved by the end of the day. 

This issue comes less than 24 hours following Twitch’s most recent technical complication, which prevented some eligible users from receiving a loot drop that the platform did in conjunction with Final Fantasy XIV.

This article will be updated when Twitch announces that the problem regarding video playback has been fixed.