Twitch clip doesn’t back up allegations that TF Blade used a racial slur

The audio is far from clear.

Screengrab via Team Liquid

It seems like there’s controversy surrounding Twitch streamer TF Blade again.

The Canadian was heard in the background of Australian streamer Midbeast’s broadcast today saying what sounded like the N-word. But the original short clip posted on Reddit cut out TF Blade’s full sentence, which sounds more like he’s saying the words “never ever.”

It’s unclear if Twitch will dole out any repercussions or consequences to TF Blade, especially since he likely didn’t use the racial slur. But the streamer did have his channel suspended in April 2019 after Twitch moderators thought he used the N-word. The ban was lifted a few days later when TF Blade refuted the allegations and proved that he actually said “idiots.”

The streamer also received a 14-day League of Legends account suspension in the Turkish region last September after calling players “dogs” for trolling his matches. Players on his team were intentionally feeding in an attempt to slow down his goal of becoming the No. 1 ranked player in the world.

Renewed by a new season of League, TF Blade is continuing the climb to finish rank one global. The streamer began his quest in Korea, where he sits at Grandmaster with a 65-percent win rate.