Twitch bans YouTube personality Onision after abuse allegations

He barely used the channel.

Image via Twitch

Twitch banned popular YouTube personality Onision from the platform yesterday despite the fact that he hasn’t even streamed on it in about two weeks. 

Onision is known primarily for his YouTube channel that has more than one million subscribers. But last year, he encountered a bit of a scandal that included allegations of child grooming. 

Prior to this week, Onision received a ban on crowdfunding website Patreon for doxing another YouTuber on Twitter. While there’s no explanation for his Twitch ban, the platform’s community guidelines make it clear that harassment on platforms or outlets outside of Twitch are still punishable with bans and suspensions. 

This won’t be hugely significant to Onision, though, considering how little he’s used the platform. While he was partnered, he only streamed a total of 154 hours in the past year with an average of five viewers, according to statistics website SullyGnome. The channel had just more than 3,000 followers and his viewership peak for the year was only 28 people. 

Onision’s main YouTube channel, “Onision Speaks,” is still active with 1.58 million subscribers and three videos that have been posted in the past week. Many of his videos posted in the last month have around 200,000 to 300,000 views.