Twitch adds new First-Time Chatter highlight feature

Stand out when you find a new stream.

Image via Twitch

Twitch announced a new feature coming to its platform, the addition of a new chat initiative called the First-Time Chatter highlight.

As the name suggests, this new addition will highlight users who are chatting within a stream for the very first time. When a user first posts a message in a streamer’s chat, it will be highlighted with the tag “First Time Chat” displayed above. This is going to make it immediately clear to the creator they are new to the channel and ideally encourage them to interact with the message.

If you’d rather not see highlighted messages from first-time commenters in the chat, you can turn this new addition off within the Chat Settings menu.

Earlier today, streaming journalist Zach Bussey reported that Twitch would be adding a new badge to identify emote artists within chat. This would be similar to the badge for subscriptions but feature a blue square with a paintbrush inside.

While this hasn’t been officially revealed by Twitch, it seems the platform has big plans to optimize its chatting system and add more intrinsic features to identify different kinds of users. The First-Time Chatter highlight could be the beginning of much more soon.