TSM Myth says he’s been teaching Trevor Noah VALORANT

The famous comedian might make an appearance on stream soon.

Screengrab via Myth

Popular streamer TSM Myth revealed that he has been spending time teaching Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, how to play VALORANT

Myth told his fans yesterday that he would not be streaming but did not elaborate on why he would be absent. Noah explained shortly after that Myth was spending time teaching the talk show host the ropes in VALORANT. Myth confirmed that the two had been playing together and that Noah is “a natural” at the game. 

Noah took over as the host of the Daily Show, a late-night news satire that focuses on politics and other hot topics in 2015. It is unclear if Noah intends to expand into streaming or content creation, but Myth would be the perfect person to train him.

Myth has spent a lot of time playing VALORANT since it released early this year and has established himself as a talented player. Fans would likely enjoy Noah’s presence on Myth’s stream, which is already comical and entertaining. 

Some fans have speculated that Noah is researching popular games to begin covering esports on the Daily Show, but no official news has been announced. This is one of the latest mainstream personalities to join the esports scene. Bronny James, the son of NBA star LeBron James recently signed with FaZe Clan, and Post Malone also joined Envy’s ownership group.

Fans will likely see other big names make appearances in the gaming world as it continues to grow and attract more fans.