Trainwreck argues with Minecraft fans after NFT purchase, denies claims of ghosting artists

Trainwreck runs into Twitter drama.

Screengrab via Trainwrecks

Popular streamer Trainwreck showcased his latest NFT purchase earlier today via Twitter, although many people were quick to criticize the NFT industry and the environmental consequences the practice is known to cause.

Trainwreck slammed several fans of Minecraft content creators Dream and Karl Jacobs, tweeting that “you Minecraft stans are worse than the NFT community with what you obsess your lives over.” This tweet seemed to only kick the proverbial hornet’s nest.

One Twitter user responded with claims that the gambling streamer ghosted him after commissioning a graphic design for merchandise. The artist posted screenshots of DMs between himself and Trainwreck, wherein the two discussed the apparel’s design and the artist inquired about payment information.

Though the second page of DMs is cropped, it appears as though the Twitch streamer stopped responding to the artist after he shared the draft.

Trainwreck denied the claim that he said would pay artists regardless of whether he would use the design. The 30-year-old streamer then criticized the artist and his work, calling it ‘PG’ and repeatedly slamming the artist for his misspelling of Trainwreck’s name as ‘Trainwrecks.’

Many online artists have criticized Trainwreck’s business practices, particularly around only paying artists for their work and not their time. Artists have since gone into the extensive Twitter thread and advertised themselves and their work while the battle raged on. Though the argument reached no conclusion, it seems that the dust has settled.