Top Twitch content for July 11 to 17: VCT helps VALORANT rise to the top

VALORANT overtook League of Legends as the most-watched game last week.

Photo via Riot Games

The top categories on Twitch saw a decent bit of movement week-over-week, with esports and sponsored streams accounting for some of the biggest swings in hours watched.

While Fall Guys continues to see a dip in viewership, it’s maintained its spot in the top 10 for now. But some games that aren’t even in the top 10 might be working their way into position to compete. Here are the top 10 most-watched categories on Twitch from July 11 to 17, according to Streams Charts data.

Image via Streams Charts

VALORANT beats League

With a little bit of help from VCT Masters Copenhagen, VALORANT was able to usurp League of Legends as the top game on Twitch this past week. Though the event itself posted notable viewership, it was help from co-streaming by one of the game’s top content creators, Tarik, that truly put it over the top.

The content creator posted 3.85 million hours watched in the category this past week, topping the VALORANT channel, which had 2.7 million. Shroud came up in third place with 1.46 million hours watched on VALORANT.

WoW takes flight with new alpha

World of Warcraft may not have been in the top 10, but given how strong its end-of-week surge in viewership was, it could very well end up there this coming week. Blizzard began public alpha testing for the game’s upcoming expansion Dragonflight on Thursday, July 14, causing an enormous spike in viewers.

With 5.9 million hours watched over the course of the week, the game, which was the 15th most-watched category on Twitch, doesn’t have too much to write home about, but the figure represents a 40-percent increase from the previous week—and the Dragonflight alpha didn’t start until the afternoon on July 14. If Blizzard has a smooth unveiling of content for the alpha, the game could see continued growth in the next month.

Top creators take money from slots

Gambling content on Twitch has become a bit of a controversial topic, but that hasn’t prevented some of the platform’s top streamers from taking advertising money from companies like Stake. This week the #ad content was powerful enough to push the category over 10 million hours watched and make slots a top 10 content form on Twitch.

Three of the top 10 most-watched channels this past week had gambling content through advertisements involving Stake, including the platform’s most prominent content creator xQc. The category was led by Swedish creator Roshtein, who had 1.93 million hours watched in the category. XQc had 1.25 million hours watched across 19 hours of airtime, and Adin Ross was right behind him with 717,619 hours watched over just under 11 hours of airtime.