TimTheTatman teases event causing him to turn off stream on Friday

He wouldn't say, but it could be a Valorant thing.

timthetatman overwatch
Screengrab via TimTheTatMan

TimTheTatman left his audience hanging yesterday by telling them that he had something going on later this week that would disrupt his regular stream schedule.

He didn’t confirm exactly what it was, but he said that it was going to require him to turn his stream off at 12pm CT on Friday, March 27. He added that even though he isn’t under NDA, he’s not going to tell his stream what he’s doing.

Immediately, his fans began to speculate that the streamer could be playing Riot’s upcoming first-person shooter, VALORANT. Some streamers are being invited to an event on Friday that will give them exclusive early access to the game but they won’t be allowed to stream, according to a “VALORANT News” Twitter account.

The Twitter account cited sources saying that while streamers can’t stream, they’ll reportedly be allowed to record their gameplay to use for future content.

If Tim is participating in this reported event, it will only slightly disrupt his typical schedule. On Fridays, he tends to begin his stream a little bit earlier in the day at 8am CT. His Friday streams are sometimes longer than a typical four-hour or so broadcast of his, but with this undisclosed event, he’s saying that he’ll have a hard cutoff time for his stream before noon.

Tim isn’t a stranger to getting early access or “streamer privilege,” either. When Blizzard released its newest Overwatch hero Echo last week, Tim played the character right when it became available on the PTR alongside developer Jeff Kaplan, who discussed the game and the new character with him on stream.