TimTheTatman rages over Call of Duty: Warzone parachute glitch

Many players have been experiencing the same glitch.

Screengrab via TimTheTatman

Call Of Duty’s battle royale,Warzone, has had its shares of bugs and glitches since its inception. But for the most part, these have been patched out in a timely fashion.

One issue that has remained in the game for the past month or so has been a glitch with players’ parachutes. Whenever the player double-taps spacebar, they will begin to launch their parachute regardless of the height they are jumping.

This can cause players to lose the ability to fire for a short amount of time during combat, causing them to be at a disadvantage. This is exactly what happened today to popular streamer TimTheTatman.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Tim exited cover to engage an enemy but as he leapt out from behind the wall, his character opens their parachute, which ultimately resulted in him losing the gunfight. Tim’s reaction to this is exactly what you would expect.

“How long have we been playing the game? How long have we been going? How long? How long is this fucking parachute glitch going to be here,” Tim said. “There’s a fucking parachute glitch! I don’t want to swing the fucking corner and pull, right?”

Tim isn’t the only player having this issue, as many other players have posted on Reddit to report their experiences and try to get the problem resolved.