Thor recreates infamous Game of Thrones scene with Esfand and friends

Never start monologuing when you're fighting someone this big.

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It’s been a good few weeks for fans of streamers and also of Game of Thrones. Actor, bodybuilder, and professional strongman Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson, also known as The Mountain from the popular television series, has spent the last week in Austin, Texas, serving as a surprise coach for Camp Knut and also hanging out with some of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

One of those streamers is Esfand, who took advantage of having Thor around by pulling up the setting from one of the most infamous Game of Thrones scenes and affixing it to his green screen for Thor and BonnieRabbit to recreate: The Mountain and the Viper. This is officially a spoiler alert if you somehow have not already watched Game of Thrones and are still interested in watching through the original series.

In the TV series, The Mountain takes on Prince Oberyn Martell in a bloody fight where it seems like Martell has won until he starts to monologue while he has the advantage. The Mountain uses the extra time to recover and then puts his thumbs into Prince Oberyn’s eyes and squeezes his head until it pops open like a grape. It’s one of the most shocking and gory scenes in the entire show, a feat for a show that is known for trying to shock its audience.

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This version of the scene is decidedly less bloody and more fun, with Bonnie pretending to scream as Thor leans over her and laughs all around. Still, the sight of Thor leaning over another person and squeezing their head is enough to give those who watched Game of Thrones a few nasty flashbacks.

While he might struggle to get into normal-sized cars, Thor is clearly an entertainer at heart. It’s just a good thing that Esfand’s stream room and green screen setup is big enough for him.