‘They couldn’t do anything’: Mizkif explains how his Discord was hacked because of another streamer

One of Twitch's top creators lost control of his Discord server.

Screengrab via Mizkif on YouTube

Mizkif says his good friend and fellow streamer Lacari exposed the Twitch star’s entire Discord server of over 50,000 users to malicious links in a YouTube video uploaded today. The scam led to over 1,000 Mizkif viewers joining a dangerous Discord server and potentially having their accounts hacked.

In the video, Lacari explains that three to four months ago, he was tricked into joining a malicious Discord server that stole his account information, although the streamer was unaware that he was at risk and thought nothing of it at the time. For an unknown reason, the hackers finally decided to take control of the Twitch content creator’s account last night.

Following this, the hackers used Lacari’s account, which had the highest admin privileges in Mizkif’s Discord, to invite a bot to the server that spammed a link for a fake Discord Nitro giveaway. Unfortunately, the only person who could stop the bot was Mizkif, who was sleeping at the time of the hack.

“My mods were trying to delete this stuff, but they couldn’t do anything because Lacari is such a high power in this Discord,” Mizkif explained. “He gave this admin such a high power, that they can’t stop it. They can’t remove him, and they can’t ban him from the server. The only one that can do that is me.”

Eventually, Mizkif was awoken by calls from his manager and was able to ban Lacari and the bot from his Discord server. But not until over 1,000 users from his Discord had clicked the malicious link being spammed on the server.

Mizkif finished the video by warning viewers to steer clear of the bot named “Welcome” that infected his Discord.