‘That’s not me’: Fuslie mortified after Valkyrae gets OTV editor to share embarrassing video

A funny moment between two close streaming stars.

Images via fuslie, Valkyrae2, and OfflineTV on Youtube | Remix by Kacee Fay

Streaming star Leslie, better known as Fuslie, was horrified during her latest Twitch livestream after unknowingly being led to watch a video that ended up featuring an old clip of her thanks to her fellow streaming friend Valkyrae.

The video, titled “banger concert, lilypichu,” is from the Offline TV & Friends YouTube channel and features a collection of moments from various streamers. The final section of the video highlights a request from streaming star Valkyrae and is titled “the queen’s orders” as she asks for embarrassing moments of other creators besides herself to also be shared.

“See, it’s better when it’s someone else and not Rae, right?” Valkyrae said. “There’s plenty of candidates, y’know, there’s Lily, Leslie, take ’em out.”

Screengrab via Offline TV & Friends on YouTube

In response, the OTV editor shared a video of a younger Fuslie singing “Sugartime” by The McGuire Sisters. When this began to play on her stream, Fuslie screamed “Stop, I fucking hate you” and scrambled to turn the video off while repeatedly shouting “No” and laughing.

“DMCA. I’m striking your channel,” Fuslie said as she threatened OTV & Friends. “I’m actually reporting this channel.”

The streaming star’s chat was full of laughter as they wholeheartedly enjoyed the video and the streaming star’s reaction. While Fuslie threatened to report the YouTube channel and asked her chat if they “could get a mass report going,” it was all just her teasing as she was embarrassed but laughing and joking along with the video and her chat.

“That’s not me,” Fuslie insisted to her chat after successfully stopping the video from playing further. “That’s actually not me. That is my friend from high school.”

Regardless of Fuslie’s insistence that the video is not her, her reaction says otherwise and fans are still certain that the video is indeed her.