Summit1g hints at potential exclusive streaming rights deal coming soon

He seems to have something in the works.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1g has been one of the biggest influencers on Twitch for the past few years. But with other top streamers like Ninja and shroud leaving for Mixer, speculation has naturally started to surround him.

Summit addressed his role in the war between streaming platforms on stream yesterday after a viewer asked about his YouTube page, causing some viewers to believe he could be making a big move soon.

“Stuffs getting moved, and right now my main focus is Twitch,” he said. “I’ve got big things coming up, and I’m in a big moment of my life. You’ve just gotta let me handle one big thing at a time.”

Many Twitch streamers double-dip in the content creation business by uploading videos on YouTube because of its user-friendly system for finding videos. But Summit admitted that for him, YouTube hasn’t been a “main focus.”

“YouTube’s always been a side plate for me, and I know that’s not a good thing,” he said. “I know I should put more focus on it. I’m trying to get more help on the YouTube lets say, regarding my agency.”

Summit works with Loaded, the same agency that negotiated deals for other top content creators like Ninja, shroud, TimTheTatman, and DrLupo. While Loaded initially broke the market for streamers open by getting deals for Ninja and shroud on Mixer, the agency later helped Tim and Lupo stay with Twitch. 

While Summit focused the discussion yesterday on his YouTube page’s videos and streaming on Twitch, some viewers began to spam speculation in chat about him going to Mixer. 

Though he didn’t address any comments about Mixer or Facebook Gaming, Summit did express a sense of nervousness surrounding the new marketplace for content creators on streaming platforms. 

“Twitch turned into a scary world,” he said. “It’s also is a place of stress now. It used to be my place of like, I would get off of an eight-hour shift, nine-hour shift, and I’d go home, and I’d stream some motherfucking video games for three or four hours, you know what I mean? And that’s how it was for the longest time.”

Summit ended his discussion trying to put viewers at ease by reassuring them that he’ll continue working to bring them the entertainment that they all come to him for.

“We’ll see how everything pans out, but right now, like I said, probably one of the biggest moments of my life is happening somewhat soon so I’m a little nervous about everything,” he said. “Just trust me like you always have, and everything is going to be fine.”