Summit1G gets accidental no-scope kill in Escape from Tarkov

He didn't even know the guy was there.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1G isn’t a stranger to first-person shooters like Escape from Tarkov, but for one moment from his stream last night, he didn’t need to even see a player to kill them.

Walking through an abandoned mall, Summit walked past a pillar, where there was an empty store with nothing but manikins—or at least that’s what Summit thought.

Using his scoped gun to clear out a hole in one of the stores windows, Summit seemed to be looking to dip into the store and seek refuge from potential enemies. 

Little did he know someone else had already done such action. As the bullet left Summit’s gun and penetrated the glass, it also penetrated another player, killing them instantly without Summit even knowing the person was there until after they were dead. 

“Brothers, you are not going to believe what the fuck I just did,” Summit told his audience. “All I meant to do was shoot that glass open and there was a fucking guy there. I just wanted to shoot the glass open, bro. I didn’t mean to shoot the guy, man. I didn’t know he was there until after I shot!”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Summit would find an accidental kill like this at some point in his time playing EFT. In the past week alone he has streamed EFT for more than 99 hours, with viewers watching more than 3 million hours, and since the beginning of the year he’s played the game on his channel for 253 hours with 6.76 million hours watched.