Summit takes issue with Scav spawns, servers in Escape from Tarkov

He later left EFT to play GTA instead.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1g may have reached a tipping point while playing Escape from Tarkov last night. 

After he was killed by an NPC, referred to in-game as a “Scav,” Summit expressed displeasure with the way that the NPCs respawn after they’re killed, making it difficult for players to loot areas. 

“The game doesn’t show me a player the whole fucking game,” he said. “Not a single fucking player in that game dude. (But there are) Joe Schmoe Scavs everywhere by the way. Won’t stop spawning by the way. Just continue circle jerking around mantis. When a Scav dies, can he just die?”

Summit, seemingly begging Battlestate developers to make a change, pleaded that the game should have a set number of Scavs on a map instead of continually spawning more and more no matter what. 

His frustration didn’t end there, either. As he tried to log back into the game, the server appeared to believe he was still in the game and not dead. That opened up a whole different can of worms that Summit felt the need to vent about.

“Look, the game doesn’t even know I’m dead,” he said. “That’s how great your fucking servers are.”

Taking a step back, Summit paused for a moment in an attempt to calm himself down a bit. After the incident, he did what any responsible gamer would do if they found themselves frustrated with one game and moved on to playing a different one, Grand Theft Auto roleplay. 

Summit had already planned to play the game at the request of many of his fans who have been asking him to play GTA again for a while. But the frustration he experienced in EFT gave the transition more drama than Summit would have liked.