Summit fakes out his monitor with a 1G windup

Don't do it.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1g will never live down the day that he became the “1G” meme by punching his monitor in frustration on stream. But even now, two years later, he doesn’t seem to be too worried about the association he has with destroying computer screens. 

Last night while playing a game of Escape from Tarkov, Summit joked with his audience by doing a martial arts style wind up directed at his monitor after being blindsided and killed while he was trying to loot a corpse. 

While rummaging through a dead person’s belongings, Summit was surprised by how much they still had on their corpse. But it was almost as if it was intentional. As soon as he expressed his surprise for how much they had, an enemy took him out. 

In his frustration from having just been hit with a bit of a mind game, Summit wheeled his gaming chair back slightly before limbering up and cocking his right hand back. As he held his right hand in place, his innocent intentions became more clear. Instead of balling up a fist, Summit simply held out his palms and flashed some spirit fingers before relaxing his hands again. 

“I love this game chat,” Summit said. “You want to know why I love this game? Because it’s so much fun dying while you’re looting. It’s so much fun, when you kill a guy, that all his teammate has to do is stare at his body.”

Summit has been playing a lot of EFT over the past couple of months with a reasonable amount of success in-game and on stream. Since the beginning of the year, he’s broadcasted 466 hours of EFT with 13.69 million hours watched on the title, averaging 29,357 viewers, according to Stream Hatchet data.