Summit argues with xQc about Tarkov

Everyone breaks eventually.

Screengrab via Battlestate Games

There comes a time in every gamer’s career when they reach a breaking point. It may be caused by lag, bad teammates, bad decisions, or a mixture of all three. Summit1g has reached this point several times and most recently took out his frustration on xQc.

The duo was playing Escape from Tarkov yesterday and ran into enemy players, which resulted in an intense firefight. After several minutes of going back and forth with the enemy, Summit and xQc were separated and both eventually died. At this point, Summit reached his breaking point and exploded on xQc.

“I’m so fucking confused dude, X can you just stop looting bodies and get next to me?” Summit said. “Where are you that whole time dude? I feel like you are just on a body talking where you’re at.”

XQc claimed he wasn’t looting bodies and trying to help, but Summit was too deep into an angry rampage to accept excuses. Summit stepped away from his stream for a few minutes after his outburst and returned in high spirits. XQc was able to retrieve most of Summit’s loot, so all was not lost, and the team continued to raid together for the rest of the stream.

Escape From Tarkov can take a toll on even the most level-headed players and it definitely got the best of Summit1g this time. What may have been a frustrating experience for Summit has turned into an entertaining clip for his fans, however.