Streamers with early access to Cyberpunk 2077 lose access mid-stream

This caused some confusion.

Image via CD Projekt Red

Over the last 12 hours, Cyberpunk 2077 has dominated Twitch as some streamers have been fortunate enough to get early access to the game.

When early access went live, over 800,000 tuned in within the first hour to get their first look at the game. Once the time came for the global release on PC, however, this early access proved to cause concern for those lucky streamers.

Firstly, the game was forced to close mid-stream and then login keys no longer worked for these players. As seen on xQc’s stream, a window appeared stating that the login key had expired.

xQc was not the only streamer who encountered this, Shroud also remained confused once he was forced to exit the game.

Shortly after both streamers were able to get back access to the game, they were required to download a 58GB first-day patch before they could jump back into the action.

Shroud said this first-day update was even larger than his initial download for the game that remained around 50GB.

With the slew of bugs both streamers and reviewers who were granted early access recorded while playing the game, it is no surprise the first update be as large as it is.

Cyberpunk is now available globally on PC and Stadia, but console gamers will be required to wait until midnight in their respective time zone before access is granted.