Streamers use Proximity Chat mod for Among Us to hear nearby enemies during rounds

This could be a gamechanger.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us is commonly played without giving players the ability to communicate with one another outside of meetings, however, one mod has begun to change this.

In November, a mod for the game was released called Proximity Chat. This allows players to communicate with other nearby players within the game. After being adopted by streamers, it has become clear how this mod adds a unique dynamic to the game and produces even greater moments.

Being able to communicate with one another during rounds would appear to give an advantage to the crewmates, but with the ability to coordinate kills, the imposters seem to be able to level the playing field.

Since only nearby players can communicate with one another, this feature doesn’t take away from the core playstyle of the game. In fact, it may be enhanced by knowing others around can hear what is happening.

This mod is made possible by a creator called Ottomated who released the mod and crew link app to install it to the game. The mod and instructions on how to install can be found on Ottomated’s GitHub page.