Streamer watches Fall Guys player hack, but the hacker still loses

Cheaters never win, or at least in this case they don't.

Image via Mediatonic

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the world by storm, topping Steam charts and Twitch leaderboards since the game’s Aug. 4 release date. With popularity comes the inevitable slew of hackers, though, even in a game that can be summed up with the phrase “pastel Mario Party.

Streamer and voice actor CinderSlash caught a “speedhacker” live on their Twitch stream yesterday. And to their glee, the hacker failed to take home the win multiple times. 

The cheater was almost immediately identified since they were moving at least twice as fast as the other contestants. But they failed the final jump that would’ve given them the victory in the “Fall Mountain” mini-game twice. The hacker’s struggle to complete the level was immediately met with laughter from CinderSlash.  

Fall Guys has quickly become an overnight success. The zany, cartoonish art style combined with the sheer fun of the mini-games has captivated the hearts and minds of gamers since its commercial release, building off the hype from a successful beta test. 

Over two million people have joined the game on Steam alone, according to Mediatonic, and there are still PlayStation numbers to consider. The PS4 numbers could be considerably high since the game is free this month with PlayStation Plus. 

With commercial success in any game comes hackers, although it seems downright pointless to cheat in a game like Fall Guys. The game has no competitive scene (other than Twitch Rivals) and there’s no prize for winning other than bragging rights. To Mediatonic’s credit, it’s aware of the issue and is likely well on its way to fixing the hacking problem.