Streamer successfully pulls off Mario Kart Wii’s Rainbow Road ultra-shortcut

History has been made.

Image via Nintendo

History appears to have been made. The Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road ultra-shortcut has been successfully completed after years of players attempting it.

Streamer ArthurMKW went live yesterday trying out a range of different shortcuts and record attempts on his stream. And when it came to Rainbow Road, he had one goal in mind: to successfully pull off the elusive ultra-shortcut.

After multiple failed attempts, the streamer managed to successfully land across the jump. And after taking a moment to realize what he did, Arthur claimed that he had become the first person to complete the skip in a real-time game.

The shortcut has been known about for the past five years after a player managed to showcase it in a tool-assisted run. Since then, thousands of players have attempted it and many have spent hours practicing to no avail.

The Rainbow Road ultra-shortcut works by the player making a turn at the beginning of the map to hop on the outside of the railing. Once they’ve gone far enough to fool the game’s checkpoint system to count the lap, the player then must perform a spindrift before hopping off the edge of the path and using a mushroom in the air to get the boost required to land safely on the track below.

As many players came to learn, the chance of pulling this off is extremely unlikely and would require the perfect run.

What Arthur appears to have done is finally prove that the skip is possible in a real-time run of the map. This will likely inspire many other players to go out and try their luck at the shortcut once again.