Streamer reveals xQc’s kind side: “They have done more for me than people I’ve been friends with for years”

"He was the one who invited me here," streamer Jaycgee said about XqC.

xQc kills off NoPixel RP character
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

XQc is usually known for his controversial persona—and his stellar Winston play. The streamer’s name is tied to bans, fits, rages, and trash talking. But that persona is very different from his genuine character, at least according to fellow streamer Jaycgee. She recently revealed that XqC offered her a place to say when she was on the verge of losing her home.

During a lengthy Destiny 2 queue—and with xQc’s stream on-screen—she talked about her experience with the famous streamer. “When the house I was living in previously fell apart, and we had to be out by August,” Jaycgee said, “I had nowhere to go. I had nowhere to live. I had no idea what I was going to do.“

While at a mutual friend’s house, Jaycgee spoke about it with xQc. Upon hearing her troubles, XqC offered her his place. At first she was surprised. She asked what he expected for rent, and they discussed it. 

“They are the nicest people ever,” Jaycgee said, referring to xQc and his roommate, fellow streamer Adept. “They are so kind. They would literally give me the shirt off their back. They totally would. They have done more for me than people I’ve been friends with for years would ever do for me.”

Felix “XqC” Lengyel rose to internet fame through his short-fused persona in competitive fps games. He is a gifted tank player for Overwatch and plays on Overwatch Contenders team Gladiators Legion as the sub main tank.