Streamer hilariously disturbs cat while playing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

So much for a peaceful nap.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo fans everywhere have been enjoying Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which adds the classic Mario Kart gameplay to a familiar environment. The latest Mario Kart title brings the race to your home as players control a real kart with their Nintendo Switch and navigate a customizable course around their house.

Most players have enjoyed the fresh Mario Kart experience, but their pets may have different opinions about the karts driving through their hiding spaces. 

Mario Kart streamer BearUNLV was playing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and driving the kart through his hallway and various bedrooms. He passed his dog, who was confused but not alarmed, before entering a bedroom for a tight turn beneath a bed. BearUNLV was forced to stop as his cat Ginger obstructed the road and was visibly confused about the situation. Ginger eventually cleared the way but did not seem happy about being disturbed. 

Other players have reported the same issue with their furry friends blocking the road or attacking the kart. One player’s cat physically hit the kart as his two feline friends watched in support. Another player drove in on their cat throwing up on their carpet, which might mean the karts are an effective way to keep tabs on your pets. 

Some might consider these interruptions by pets an annoyance, but it does keep the game fresh and entertaining. Just make sure your cat doesn’t break the kart completely.