Streamer creates epic beat out of sounds from Among Us

The producer pieced his work together strictly using sounds from the game.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us has spawned a variety of fan-made content using designs and assets familiar with the title. This creativity has not only remained in the visual realm, however.

Recently Twitch streamer Garytheproducer created a trap style hip-hop beat using audio from the game.

Over the duration of his three-hour stream, Gary put together the masterpiece from in-game sounds using Ableton Live to produce and mix his creation. While it is his first beat strictly using sounds from the game, this is not Gary’s first Among Us-inspired beat. Just a few days ago the streamer shared a Halloween-themed beat on his YouTube channel titled “Among Us.”

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While Garytheproducer’s channel does revolve around producing music, the streamer also regularly goes live playing video games and vlogging his day-to-day activities. Most recently the streamer has been active playing Among Us with hip-hop artist and livestreamer Soulja Boy.