Speedrunners can now earn Guinness World Records

Speedrunning titles will now be officially recognized

Image via guinnessworldrecords.com

Speedrunners now have a chance to earn a Guinness World Record and a virtual trophy. In cooperation with Guinness World Records, speedrun.com, a popular website for speedrunners, has introduced the new GWR category which will allow players to compete for a world title in a small selection of games. 

Speedrun.com is a place for speedrunners to display their best times in various games. Each game has a leaderboard for full playthroughs and individual level completion. The GWR category will have its own leaderboard for each game that supports the new format. 

Currently, players can make an attempt for a world record in Super Mario Odyssey, God of War, and Minecraft. The Guinness World record category for Super Mario Odyssey requires players to beat all six boss rematches. In God of War players must complete all Muspelheim Impossible Trials with common-level equipment. The player who can collect six enchanted apples on the 10 years Minecraft map will earn the Guinness World Record. 

Each attempted run for the new category will be reviewed by moderators from each game and by a judge from Guinness World Records. The entire run must be recorded, and players must follow the specific rules for each game. 

Speedrunning is a hobby for gamers looking for a tougher challenge. The competitive subculture has received more attention in the past few years, and this collaboration with Guinness World Record will bring it further into the spotlight. 

There is a possibility of more games receiving the Guinness World Record category in the future, and players can check the official GWR page for updates. Interested competitors can also email their suggestions for record ideas and proposed rules.