Sodapoppin forgets that he’s doing a sponsored stream during inappropriate conversation


Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin was one of many content creators who played Apex Legends last night as a sponsored stream for the release of the game’s fourth season. But as someone who doesn’t do sponsored streams on a more regular basis, Sodapoppin had a bit of a slip-up when talking about some NSFW topics regarding Snapchat. 

Lirik, who was also playing Apex as an #ad, asked about Sodapoppin’s Snapchat and the two started talking about the “babes” he encounters on the social media app.

In classic Sodapoppin fashion, the variety streamer steered the conversation to a dark place quickly by saying that, in actuality, he doesn’t talk to women on Snapchat. He just gets pictures from other men sending him inappropriate photos of their genitals. 

Dark sarcasm is one of the things Sodapoppin is most known for. But while being paid by EA to play Apex as an #ad, he realized shortly after starting to jokingly ramble about pictures he gets from men that he needed to pivot from the NSFW discussion. 

“I love the dicks man… Sponsored by EA, let’s ready up,” Sodapoppin said.

Halfway through starting to go into more detail, the streamer’s eyes got big as he realized he was being paid for an Apex stream and immediately stopped talking altogether. From there, all he could do was put his face in his hand and laugh at himself.

While EA is known for doing everything it can to monopolize Twitch to promote new Apex content, the play requires the developer to embrace entertainers who take an approach that’s less than politically correct or appropriate for all ages.

Soda caught himself in the middle of his inappropriate slip-up and attempted to recover quickly, but other streamers may not have done the same. This shows the type of gamble that a developer like EA takes when it decides to effectively buy out all of Twitch’s top streamers for a day.