Sodapoppin doesn’t agree with Kaceytron’s indefinite ban

Not everyone agrees with the harsh punishment.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Twitch bans are a streamer’s worst nightmare. Some bans are short and given for small offenses, while others can be long due to previous occurrences or the severity of the situation.

Kaceytron recently received an indefinite Twitch ban, which means there’s no confirmed date for when she can return to the platform. While most people agree with the decision, Sodapoppin explained today why he doesn’t agree with the indefinite ban and thinks that it’s an unethical punishment.

Sodapoppin asked his chat if there was still no official end date for the ban and explained how he doesn’t agree with the ruling.

“Indefinite still?” Sodapoppin said. “That’s horse shit. ‘Hey sorry, you’re fired, not sure for how long though.’ Imagine saying that to someone.”

Sodapoppin seems to take issue with the indefinite ban and how it adds a layer of uncertainty for Kaceytron. Most Twitch bans have a set end date depending on the offense and on how many bans have occurred previously. He also doesn’t believe the ban should have happened in the first place.

“The ban is stupid in itself and it shouldn’t have even happened,” Sodapoppin said. “It’s even dumber that it’s like, you ban someone, and you tell them ‘we aren’t sure if it’s permanent we don’t know.’”

Kaceytron doesn’t know if she’ll ever be allowed to stream on Twitch again or if she should start over on another platform. Not everyone is as sympathetic toward Kaceytron, however.

Kaceytron was banned because of a joke she made on Rajj Patel’s stream. Patel asked Kaceytron if she would kiss a guy on the show if he had the coronavirus. Kaceytron said she would and that they would leave quarantine to try and spread the disease as much as possible because the world is better off without old or poor people.

Kaceytron has since apologized for the joke and claims it was in bad taste and not a true representation of her character.