Skyz earns David Dobrik’s assistant $1,000 with impressive trick shot

The COD pro pulled off an impressive 720 under pressure during a game of search and destroy.

It’s not every day a player is able to earn money for someone else due to their ability in-game. But luckily for David Dorbrik’s assistant, Taylor Hudson, this was the case during one of his recent live streams.

The YouTube star and Twitch streamer was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with professional player Skyz when he offered him a challenge. During the match of search-and-destroy Skyz was the only team member remaining. The enemy team had two members still alive and had planted the bomb. Dobrik then issued the challenge to Skyz, “Ceasar if you 720 this I’m going to give Taylor $1,000” Dobrik explained.

After some practice spins, Skyz entered the warehouse containing the bomb in search of an enemy. He was immediately fired upon at entry and tried his first attempt at landing the trick shot. This was unsuccessful with not only the bullet missing but the rotations not coming in a fluid motion as was requested by Dobrik. After attempting the spin again without firing Skyz exited the warehouse before what would be his final attempt. On this attempt, the CoD pro pulled off an impressive 720 shot over rotating before flicking back to hit the target.

The team was all impressed with this shot. Dobrik even questioned if he had actually done the full 720 rotation before fellow teammates confirmed that he indeed had.