Shroud may need another surgery on his elbow

He gets a new splint tomorrow.

Shroud on BR esports
Screengrab via Shroud

Twitch streamer Shroud may need another surgery on his left elbow as a result of a scooter accident in March.

During a stream earlier today, Shroud said he will receive a new “tense brace splint thing” tomorrow, which, combined with several more months of physical therapy, could help reach full range of motion in his left arm. If the splint and therapy don’t help him to do that, however, he may need another surgery.

“I might need another surgery, maybe,” Shroud said. “If I actually truly can’t get my mobility back through physical therapy and and all those different exercises, then he has one more thing that he does as his last treatment, and it’ll 100 percent give me my range of motion back.”

Shroud said he may not need it, and it would take months before he would do it if he had to anyways. But the popular streamer said with assistance, his left arm has a range of motion of about 130 degrees, about 10 degrees fewer than his right arm without assistance.

In March, Shroud had two surgeries after falling off of his scooter while going about 40 miles per hour.