Russian artillery seemingly lands near Ukrainian streamer’s studio

A streamer in Ukraine has captured multiple bombings on their stream in the last week.

Image via Twitch

Just over a week ago, Russia began its full-out invasion of Ukraine. What started as an occasional artillery strike has quickly evolved into what has been described by Amnesty International as indiscriminate firing into civilian areas and infrastructure. 

A streamer seemingly caught a recent artillery strike near their studio in Ukraine on their Twitch channel while discussing the conflict with their audience. BULOCHKA caught the event on Twitch, where it was clipped and then uploaded to Reddit around 4pm CT on March 3 or around midnight in Ukraine’s EET.

In the clip, two people can be seen sitting within view of the camera, discussing the ongoing crisis. A loud bang can be heard right after it starts, followed by the camera shaking slightly. The two streamers immediately looked shocked as the second explosion occurred. They went to grab their belongings, likely with a plan to move somewhere safer. 

But almost as soon as they start to leave, a look of resolution comes over their faces. Like many people in their country, BULOCHKA decides to stay and continue their discussion about the conflict, despite what they had just experienced. With a sigh, they compose themselves and recenter in the frame.

This resilience could partly be a result of hearing multiple explosions in the last week. Seven days ago, BULOCHKA heard an explosion that sounded a lot closer. 

In a video from two days ago, BULOCHKA is in the middle of eating when they seem to see something in the distance. They begin to leave and then move faster when something that sounds like thunder is heard in the distance.

These clips come after another streamer caught the early shelling of Odessa live on her Twitch stream. But this was at the beginning of the conflict and didn’t seem to occur near a residential area.

As this conflict goes on, we’re getting more and more evidence of how this is directly affecting the lives of Ukrainians. Through videos showing the Ukrainians interrupted during daily activities by the fear of war, we’re learning more about the country’s people and their strength.